Collaboration is a key element to shape the future of nutrition.
This is why we bring together scientists, startup founder and decision-makers from industry and the non-profit sector. With this we enable new connections and are kick-starter for projects making our planet a healthier, more sustainable, and happier place.


Nutrition Dinner & Roundtable Panel

In Pre-Pandemic times we host our exclusive Nutrition Hub-Dinners three times a year: We bring together 30 movers and shakers from the nutrition sector to discuss urgent nutrition topics, such as Future-Proofing Community Nutrition.

To ensure an evidence-based exchange, we take care that 80% of our guests have a scientific degree in food, nutrition, or health.


During our Roundtable Panels, we apply innovative methods to generate desirable future scenarios. Read the outcome of the latest Roundtable on the topic of

Climate Smart Eating here.​

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Future of Nutrition Meetups

From personalized nutrition to microbiome and chronobiology - we discuss the latest scientific findings and trends in nutrition. We host Future Of Nutrition Meetups online as well as in different cities.


By hosting those meetups regularly, we build a strong community of scientists, entrepreneurs, and industry representatives to shape the future of nutrition.

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Nutrition Hackathon

Many food trends are based on scientific findings. To drive innovation in food and nutrition based on science and evidence we have developed the Nutrition Hackathon: we bring together 30 people with backgrounds in business, tech, and nutrition to deal with challenges the market is facing and to come up with ideas and solutions. Within only 48 hours, participants create a prototype and receive validated feedback from high-level mentors and industry representatives.

Nutrition Hackathon #1 was held on July 2019 - the topic "Personalized Nutrition". The winning team developed – an app to transform retailer-held shopping data into user-friendly stats, trends and personalized recommendations regarding health and sustainability. 

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