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Nutrition scientists and dietitians are experts in the field of food and nutrition with one common vision: Making the world a healthier place. As of today, nutrition scientists and dietitians have limited visibility and are a minority in decision making positions in health and food industry, politics and media. We are here to change that. 

NUTRITION HUB is a not-for-profit organisation formed, seeded and nurtured by two visionary nutrition scientists. Our mission is to build the largest European digital community for food, health and nutrition experts. We want to encourage highly skilled nutrition experts to rise to today's challenges, speak up and become key decision makers. 


Our goal of nutrition experts

working in executive roles in the food and nutrition industry

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Role Models


Nutrition experts don't only work in nutrition consultation. They work in research, NGOs, politics, as managers or startup founders. Meet some of our #powernutritionists

Nutrition Hub Activities

Personal Development

1. Coaching

We encourage nutrition scientists to work on their communication, management and leadership skills. We also equip them with the proper tools to do so.


2. Peer Interviews

Curious to know why people choose nutrition as a profession? We interview inspiring nutrition scientists and 

dietitians from our community.


3. Jobs & Know-How

On our social media channels we post exciting job opportunities and updates on the latest  products, trends and research findings. 


4. Public Speaking

We speak at conferences

to give nutrition scientists

a voice and ensure

that discussions about 

the future of human

nutrition is



5. Networking

We organise different events that help our members connect with each other and through the power of the network support them to boost their influence.

Science is social.

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NUTRITION HUB is the largest network for the new generation of nutrition experts. We are driven to spread nutrition knowledge and innovation based on scientific evidence - leading to a better-informed consumer. We bring together scientists, start-ups, and decision-makers from the industry to shape the future of nutrition – driven by science and technology. 

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