Anne-Julie Tessier - Founder of the startup Keenoa

Anne-Julie, you founded the company keenoa - can you share a little more about this, your motivation and how you made this decision?

As dietitians, it is crucial for us to know about the eating habits of our clients to better help them. Throughout my undergraduate studies in Dietetics, I realized that this was hard to accomplish as we were using pen and paper approaches. I started Keenoa, an AI-powered food diary, with a mission to empower dietitians with state-of-the-art technologies to maximize their impact on the health of the population.

What did you do before?

Before Keenoa, I was just a dietetic student with an idea! The company was founded while I was doing a master’s degree in human nutrition and practicing as a dietitian.

What did you study and at which university? What specialization did you have?

I studied nutritional sciences with a major in Dietetics at McGill University and am currently pursuing PhD studies in human nutrition.

Did you like the studies and would you study the same again?

I loved studying nutrition and it has become a true passion for me. I would study the same field without a doubt, proof is I am still studying nutrition today! I strongly believe that health starts with prevention, and through nutrition is how it can be achieved.

How can we imagine a typical day in your professional life?

Balancing out PhD studies and a company requires a lot of organization. My days typically start at 7:30 in the morning where I either read or write about research in nutrition, I also meet with participants for my research to do some specific measurements and analyses. In the afternoon, I would manage the company by elaborating business strategies with my team, pitching our project and meeting with users of our service.

What would you recommend Nutrition Experts to do in order to have a successful career?

Do something you believe in and that you are passionate about, and build a network of other experts who can help you grow your projects. 

Here is the link to Anne-Julie's startup keenoa: