Want to take a new direction professionally? Are you dissatisfied with your studies or your job? Are you wondering what the next step in your career is?


In CAREER COACHING (exclusively for EXPERT CIRCLE members), we work together based on your interests and skills to find the next steps for your professional career. We help you make decisions and to implement the next steps towards your professional success.



Together, we have been working in the food and nutrition industry for over 20 years. We know how the work goes on at universities, in industry and in start-ups. We have founded start-ups ourselves and completed coaching & leadership trainings. We want to share this concentrated knowledge with you. Together, we will help you make the right decisions and work out ways to take your career to the next level.



  • Book the session here. New appointments are available from May 2021!
  • We will contact you by email to suggest a date.
  • You send us your resume and your questions.
  • We talk about your questions for 30 minutes at the agreed time - by phone or video call.

Career coaching for nutrition experts (30 mins)