The COVID-19 pandemic; the climate emergency; endless conflicts: it can seem like society just swings from one crisis to another in this increasingly polarized, ever-so-precious planet of ours. Thankfully good nutrition news is never far away and while not immune to these shifts, our Nutrition Trends Report 2022 highlights the 10 TOP developments for a better planet and a healthier you. Plant-based, personalized, planet-first - the nutritional future is bright! 


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Find the answers in our Trend Report Nutrition 2022.

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Together we can shape a healthy and sustainable future of nutrition. We're bringing together: Scientists, farmers, influencers, founders, visionaries, and industry representatives.

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Nutrition Hub is the game-changing knowledge hub to drive the future of nutrition curated by leading nutrition experts. We connect experts with each other as well as with startups and established companies. Through our website, events and newsletter key opinion leader from science, industry and startups share actionable insights. 

Why we do this? The current way we eat and produce food is harming the people's and the planet's health: The cause of 20% of deaths globally are unhealthy diets, and food production is responsible for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. You want to do something about this? Join our growing community reaching over 20,000 professionals from startups, industry and research. 

Our vision

Our dream is a world in which we are surrounded by healthy, sustainable, and yet affordable foods. A world in which nutrition and prevention are core building blocks of public health and education. A world in which we happily sit at the table with family or friends while enjoying healthy foods and our life. NUTRITION HUB wants to contribute to this world - scientifically, technologically, and inspiring.



The food market is changing rapidly: Work with our network of food and nutrition experts to stay ahead of trends such as sustainability, personalization and digitalisation in your organization. 


Does your organization or startup actively contribute to spreading evidence-based nutrition information, for example with your products, services or your blog? If yes, we share the same mission and we are happy to spread the message. 

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