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About us 

We are nutrition experts by heart. We envision a world in which nutrition is sustainable and healthy – for people and the planet.


The challenge: The time is running. By 2050, about 10 billion people are expected to live on this planet. How do we feed our population in a healthy and sustainable way? We believe scientific data and technology-driven innovations are the game-changers.


With the NUTRITION HUB community we are building an ambitious and future-driven community generating knowledge, and setting standards for a more transparent industry.





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The NUTRITION HUB Community team

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Bhargavi Arvind


Simone K Frey-Compressed-233 KB-(2352+15

Dr. Simone K. Frey

Founder & CEO

Roxanna Rokosa-Compressed-603 KB-(3663+3

Roxanna Rokosa

 Head of PR & Community

Henrike Böhme.jpeg

Henrike Böhme

PR & Community

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