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Get valuable input from our experts

You need the expertise of qualified nutrition experts for a specific project? Our EXPERT CIRCLE consists of over 250 certified nutrition experts specialized in different areas. We will connect you with the right person for your project. 


We charge a flat rate of 150,00 € (incl. sales taxes) for the referral of experts.


This is how it works: 


  1. Fill out the form and share with us the most important key points about your project. 

  2. Choose an appointment for a 15-minute re-briefing by phone. 

  3. Click on "Book now" and send the payment of 150,00 € (incl. sales taxes) via Paypal. 

  4. As soon as we receive the payment, we will confirm the appointment for the phone re-briefing and call you at the agreed time. 

  5. We will then provide the relevant contact via e-mail as soon as possible.


Thanks for booking!

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