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Nutrition, Mind, and Well-being - the Top 5 Nutrition Experts you should know

You are what you eat - the evidence that this saying is true is growing. Nutrition, Mind, and Well-Being are interconnected and how we feel or describe our well-being is influenced by our mind as well as our diet. Research investigating the link between diet and the microbiome has increased. Over 1000 different microorganisms in the gut microbiome ensure bowel movement, digestion of food, and absorption of nutrients. The effects of gut microbiota and mental health are a relatively new research topic. What is known so far, is that the brain and the gut work in a bi-directional manner and might affect each other's functions. Next to the gut microbiome, the body positivity movement has stimulated positive behaviours related to diet: Programs such as Healthy at every Size (HAES®) and Intuitive Eating lay emphasis on self-acceptance, an intuitive diet, and exercise. It moves away from the pursuit of beauty standards and unvarying body types, focusing instead on mindfulness and individual wellbeing. As more and more consumers show interest in the topic, we introduce here five nutrition experts specialized in this field.

5 Nutrition Experts specialized in nutrition, mind, and well-being // (c) Graphic by NUTRITION HUB

5 Nutrition Experts specialized in nutrition, mind, and well-being:

1. Dr. Megan Rossi - the Gut Health Doctor

Inspiring and energetic, popularly known as the “The Gut health Doctor”, Megan is an internationally recognized nutrition expert on gut-friendly diets and research, feeding you with the latest fad-free health and nutrition news. Megan is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, with a Ph.D. in gut health that was recognized for its contribution to science, receiving the Dean’s Award for outstanding research. She is the founder of The Gut Health Clinic in London - where she leads a team of gut-specialist dieticians. In 2019, she created her own gut health food company, Bio&Me, to bridge the gap between science and the food industry. To know more about Connect with Megan on her website, Instagram or Facebook.

2. Tim Spector - Professor of Genetics, Author, and Co-Founder of ZOE Nutrition

Tim is a well-known expert on the topic of nutrition and the gut microbiome, professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College London, director of the twin research department at St Thomas' Hospital, and co-founder of ZOE. He is conducting the largest scientific nutrition research project, showing that individual responses to the same foods are unique, even between identical twins. He is a prolific writer with several popular science books and a regular blog, focusing on genetics, epigenetics, and most recently microbiome and diet (The Diet Myth: The real science behind what we eat). He is in demand as a public speaker and features regularly in the media. Find more about Tim Spector on his website.

3. Christy Harrison - Intuitive Eating Coach & Anti-Diet Dietitian

With an incredible passion for good food and wellness, Christy is on a mission to help you recognize diet culture for the life thief that it is, and tune back into your body’s inner wisdom about how to truly nourish yourself - so that consumers can free up space in their life for bigger and better things. She is the author of Anti-Diet, and host of the Food Psych podcast - a podcast on which she talks to guests about intuitive eating, diet culture, body positivity, self-compassion, and more. She is popularly known as the antidiet dietitian - who is open about how her own past struggles with food have shaped her anti-diet mindset. She specializes in helping people make peace with food and break free from diet culture to reclaim their time and energy and shares these messages through her social media channels: Instagram and Facebook.

4. Alissa Rumsey - A Wellness Nutrition Practitioner

An experienced registered dietitian, from NYC, Alissa contributes to several national outlets, writing about food, nutrition, and diet culture. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified intuitive eating counselor, food and body liberation coach, and the author of Unapologetic Eating. making her a great resource for anyone looking to incorporate fitness into their lives, without focusing on weight loss or aesthetic goals. There is also a whole range of inspiring resources to be found on her Instagram – so much healthy eating, body-positive goodness packed into one magical place on the web!

5. Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch - Dietitians and the Intuitive Eating Advocates

Well known as the initiators of “Intuitive Eating”, Evelyn and Elyse have established an award-winning career in this field. With their purely nutritional advice, the two dieticians and nutritionists, Evelyn and Elyse specialize in making it easier for people to get started with an intuitive diet. Their revolutionary book, Intuitive Eating, laid out the ten principles of their mind-body approach to finding peace and freedom with food and body—a personal process that empowers people to reconnect with their own internal wisdom about eating.


This list is just a start. We know there are many more experts out there advancing nutrition, mind and well-being. Feel free to share your favorite experts, pioneers, and leaders on that topic with us by mail:

This article was written by Bastienne Neumann. Bastienne is one of the most successful experts in the field of nutritional psychology in Germany and shares her knowledge regularly via her podcast "Nutritional Psychology Made Easy".


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