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Our 10 favourite Food and Nutrition Blogs by credentialed Nutrition Experts

Let’s face it: Food is one of the hottest areas of interest on the world wide web. Unfortunately, the internet is still the wild wild west when it comes to finding science-based and reliable information. It is full of health and wellness bloggers sharing innovative mouth-watering recipes and healthy eating strategies. At the same time many people feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of confusing and conflicting nutritional information. It is important to know who can we rely on. Here are our ten favourite food blogs that are run by credentialed nutrition experts who aim to do both: educate and inspire.

Nutrition Hubs 10 favourite Food and Nutrition Blogs by credentialed Nutrition Experts

10 Food Blogs for healthy eating and nutrition knowledge

1 Science-Driven Wellness - Edwina Clark

Registered Dietitian, foodie and fitness-junkie Edwina Clark is based in San Francisco. She is a pioneer for dietitians in innovation and has worked on apps, smart kitchen devices, CPG and more. Edwina is on a mission to help others to live healthy and happy lives by sharig sience-driven wellness strategies and recipes for busy people to help you be the best version of yourself.

2 Food for thought and a simple way to eat well - Rhitrition

Qualified, experienced, and passionate - those three words describe Rhiannon the best. She is a Registered Nutritionist, the founder of the Harley Street Clinic Rhitrition, bestselling author and podcast host. As an avid foodie and prolific recipe developer, Rhiannon is sharing colorful and healthy recipes next to science-based answers on common nutrition questions on her blog. A great website with a qualified approach to nutrition, packed with a lot of valuable content.

3 A guide on how to use nutrition and establish healthy eating habits - Nutrition Stripped

With Nutrition Stripped Registered Dietitian, wellness coach, and author McKel created a trailblazing mind-body health company that supports the wellbeing of people around the world. On her blog, she is guiding her community to learn the science of nutrition and honoring the fundamental pillars of our health with the goal to become more in tune, connected and aware of our wellbeing. She is offering healthy recipes for everyday life packed with nutrition facts and tips and tricks on how to establish a healthy lifestyle.

4 Traditional Medicine mixed with latest thoughts and developments in nutrition - The Food Medic

The Food Medic is an educational platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional medical advice and the latest thoughts and developments in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. Dr. Hazel Wallace is the founder of The Food Medic, an NHS medical doctor, registered nutritionist, and best-selling author. She is sharing informative articles that are grounded in science, easy-to-follow recipes, and actionable tips and guides, to help you make informed healthy lifestyle choices.

5 Giving parents confidence in feeding their children - SR Nutrition

Registered Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed has a wealth of experience working as a nutritionist in many sectors including the NHS, Commercial Companies, Local Authorities and Charities. Charlotte works as a Nutrition Consultant on a variety of projects and areas of nutrition, but her specialist areas are maternal, infant and child nutrition. Charlotte believes that getting future generations to grow up to love and enjoy foods is one of the biggest impacts we can have on life long health. On her blog she is sharing science-driven tips for parents and healthy recipes.

6 Science-based nutrition and wellness - Nourished by Nutrition

Jessica is a registered dietitian nutritionist sharing a science-based approach to nutrition and wellness on her blog. With a number of nutritious and easy-to-follow recipes and guides on nutrition topics, she is helping her community to figure out the best way to nourish their body.

7 Easy to digest and science-based expert advice - The Gut Health Doctor

Dr. Megan Rossi (Ph.D., RD, APD) is looking after your health and happiness from the inside out. Through her Ph.D., Megan realized that by nourishing the gut and caring for it, people could improve their lives in very real and often surprising ways, and she could help them to do this. Frustrated that her findings weren't reaching the public, she set up The Gut Health Doctor in 2017 where Megan and her team are passionate about driving gut health education by sharing informative articles that are grounded in science and recipes that taste great but are good for your gut too.

8 All things nutrition and healthy recipes for everyday life - The Real Food Dietitians

Jessica & Stacie are two fun-loving real food registered dietitian nutritionists, dishing on all things nutrition, and serving up healthy gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes for everyday life. They’ve combined their love of nutrition, health and real food with the concepts of ease and convenience.

9 A logical and intelligent approach to nutrition science - Alinea Nutrition

Alinea Nutrition is an online education hub founded by Alan Flanagan with an M.Sc in nutritional medicine, dedicated to empowering others with clear, impartial evidence-based knowledge and understanding about the science of nutrition. The core values behind Alinea Nutrition are critical thinking that is clear, objective, rational, free from dogma, and informed by evidence. With Alinea Nutrition Alan strives to bring you a logical and intelligent approach to nutrition science, based on the best available evidence.

10 Helping you to identify the role nutrition plays in health and performance - Vicky Newbold Nutrition

As a Registered Performance Nutritionist with a MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition Vicky is passionate about nutrition and performance as well as about enjoying Japanese food. She is an absolute expert in sports and exercise nutrition working with a wide range of clients from weekend warriors to competitive athletes in her consultancy. At University of Westminster she is researching Primary Care Nutrition interventions. On her blog and her Instagram feed, Vicky is sharing tasty and healthy recipes - often with Japanese taste - and providing you with evidence-based practical tips for your performance.

This is just the beginning: we are looking for your favourite nutrition blogs written by qualified nutrition experts. Send them to us at


This article was written by Roxanna Rokosa. This article was written by Roxanna Rokosa. Roxanna is a communications expert, becoming nutrition scientist and a real foodie with a great passion for tasty food and good wine. You can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Roxanna Rokosa, Head of Communication and PR


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