We love to sit around a table and eat with friends and family - enjoying life. The way we do this - eat, drink, or refrain from it - impacts our health and wellbeing – as well as the wellbeing of our planet. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors made intuitive nutritional decisions based upon a limited offering. In the last 100 years we have created the largest diversity of foods, drinks, and dietary supplements that the world has ever seen. We nowadays have everything that our bodies can dream of.

And yet: We face massive nutrition and environmental challenges: Undernourishment, overweight, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, climate change, loss of biodiversity. How is this never-ending list possible? And why is it still growing? Is this just how things go in our modern world? Should we simply accept it?

We do not think so: We believe in the power of science to make the world a better, healthier, more sustainable, and more cheerful place. Nutrition experts play a central role in this.

This is why we provide a platform, where experts connect with each other and with start-ups.

  • Artificial Intelligence meets Nutrition - Interview with Maria Vasiloglou

    In this interview, dietitian Maria Vasiloglou explains how digital tools and innovative technologies can enhance nutrition therapy.

  • Dr. Emma Beckett, molecular nutritionist and food fashionista, about the joy of food

    Emma Beckett is a lecturer, molecular nutritionist and food fashionista. In this interview, she speaks about the joy of food.

  • Personalised Nutrition in the Legal Labyrinth of EU Law

    Personalised nutrition is a rapidly growing market. Read about the challenges to pass a regulatory framework for the European Union.

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NUTRITION HUB is the largest network for the new generation of nutrition experts. We are driven to spread nutrition knowledge and innovation based on scientific evidence - leading to a better-informed consumer. We bring together scientists, start-ups, and decision-makers from the industry to shape the future of nutrition – driven by science and technology. 

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