More and more people all over the world understand: Nutrition isn’t just a daily necessity like brushing our teeth. Nutrition isn’t just food. The way we eat, drink or refrain from it impacts our health and wellbeing – as well as the wellbeing of our planet.

Our ancestors thousands of years ago made intuitive nutritional decisions based upon a limited offering. We, however, created the biggest diversity of foods, drinks and dietary supplements that the world has ever seen. We nowadays have everything that our bodies can dream of.

And yet: We face massive nutrition and ecological challenges - both, in developed and lesser developed countries: Undernourishment, overweight, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, climate change, loss of biodiversity. How is this never-ending list possible? And why is it still growing?
Is this just how things go in our modern world? Should we simply accept it?

WE DO NOT THINK SO. We believe in the power of science to make the world a better, a healthier, more sustainable and more cheerful place. We believe, if people with knowledge meet people in power to talk things through, solutions and action can’t be so far.

  • How Public Health Nutritionist Amy Deptford makes the population healthier

    Amy Deptford is a Public Health Nutritionist and presently working as a Policy Officer at the NGO Yorkshire Cancer Research.

  • Kathryn Dalrymple - A rising star in Maternal and Child Health Research

    Nutrition Scientist Kathryn Dalrymple's research focuses on women's and children’s health.

  • Edwina Clark - Science-driven Nutrition Wellness Expert

    Meet Edwina who is a nationally recognized San Francisco based registered dietitian with a wealth of experience in the field of nutrition...

The Experts


Food and Nutrition Experts work across the food and nutrition ecosytem in various functions.#PowerNutritionists




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