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Edwina Clark - Science-driven Nutrition Wellness Expert

Meet Edwina who is a nationally recognized San Francisco based registered dietitian with a wealth of experience in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness. She has worked for a number of early-stage businesses as a nutrition strategist, brand spokesperson, a content leader/creator, and is a prominent media dietitian. She also runs her own successful blog - EDWINA CLARK - one of Our 10 favourite Food and Nutrition Blogs by credentialed Nutrition Experts. Her mission is to help others by a cut through the misinformation and providing evidence-based recipes and wellness tips that are simple, easy to digest, and actionable at the same time.

young woman cooking dinner, Edwina Clark

Edwina, you work as a freelance Nutrition marketing & communications advisor for various clients, ranging from industry to media. What fascinates you most about your work?

All of it! I love reading up on the latest nutrition research and translating it into simple, digestible messages for specific audiences. Nutrition science is ever-evolving and I love that I'm constantly learning. I'm also fascinated by how different groups respond to the same message framed in a different way. Being an effective marketer/ communicator is all about understanding your audience.

You also run your own successful blog which focuses on science-based recipes. What is your intention and vision behind the blog?

I've been blogging on and off for the last 10 years. My vision for my blog has always been to cut through the misinformation and provide evidence-based recipes and wellness tips that are simple and actionable. Healthy living shouldn't be a heavy lift - it should be easy, delicious, and rewarding.

How do you describe nutrition in one sentence?

Nutrition is complicated, fascinating, ever-evolving, and fraught with misinformation. Nutrition advice should be disseminated by highly trained health professionals, with a deep understanding of science, rather than influencers and celebrities.

What’s your vision of the food and nutrition system of the future? What role do nutrition experts play in that vision?

My vision for a food and nutrition system of the future is:

  • Sustainable: We need food systems that can be sustained for future generations and don't devastate/deplete the environment

  • Affordable and accessible: Hunger and undernourishment are still massive issues

  • Packed with plants: Eating a diet rich in plants offers a diversity of nutrients and appears to help protect against various chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

  • Offers a diversity of nutrient-dense whole foods: Eating a wide range of nutrient-dense whole foods is important for nutritional adequacy and optimal health.

Nutrition experts should be the ones making sense of these principles and showing them how to implement in their community/ at home.

Do you have a favorite journal article or a favorite book that every nutrition expert should read?

I love Today's Dietitian magazine. Dietitian Connection has some wonderful resources as well.

Do you have a role model and how does this role model inspire you?

I'm really impressed by the empire that Joy Bauer has built. She has increased the visibility of dietetics in America and done a lot to further our profession.

Get in touch with Edwina Clark via LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook and get to know more about her mission and work through her blog.


This interview was carried out by Lia Schmökel, Co-Founder of NUTRITION HUB

Lia Schmökel, Co-Founder of NUTRITION HUB


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