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Emily Foster, Dietitian & Founder Glowing Potential

Selfie of two young brown hair woman, Emily Foster and Simone Frey

Emily, you have founded your own nutrition communication consultancy - can you share with us who your customers are in what way you are going to make an impact with your work in nutrition?

Sure! Glowing Potential works with a wide variety of clients in the health, wellness and food space. We’ve worked with clients like WW (formerly, Weight Watchers) and Deliveroo to food start-ups such as Oomi Noodle and Moorish. Ultimately people seek us out for the reason that they want a creative way to talk to their customers or staff about nutrition and health without having to worry if the information provided is correct. The impact we look to make is to show companies that it can be fun, effective for their bottom line, and worry-free when you work with nutrition experts. Science is sexy everybody!

How can we imagine a typical day in your professional life?

Haha, even I can’t imagine it 😉. Truthfully, it really depends on the day – but there are some common themes (such as coffee and trying to pry my 9 month old puppy off my ankle). Usually I wake up, try and use the Headspace app then nip downstairs to let the dog out and make a cup of tea. If I’m honest I usually check my emails before I get out of bed but I’m trying to break that habit. The mornings consist of a mandatory dog walk, emails, phone calls and Skype meetings with after lunch being my designated writing or “get-work-done” time. Some days I find I work better in the evenings, getting the majority of work done between 6-10pm. A lot of the work we do can be done remotely but I always try to meet clients in person before starting larger projects so I find myself in London about every other week.

What did you study and at which university/institute? Did you like it and would you study the same again?

I studied Applied Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I then completed my dietetic internship in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. I absolutely loved Guelph as well as my internship and I definitely wouldn’t change it. The food in both cities was fantastic!

What do you like about Nutrition Hub?

To me, the number one thing I think we can do better as advocates for science-based nutrition is to support each other. I think Nutrition Hub does a great job of facilitating that.

In your opinion - in which field/work/task are nutrition experts are really great in?

Nutrition experts have a very transferrable, adaptable skill set suited to a wide variety of roles. I think you become well known in your field (whatever that field is) when you combine expertise and passion – so, pick a nutrition area you’re passionate about and try to get as much experience as you can.

Do you have a nutrition role model and how does this role model inspire you?

My role model, who is actually hosted here on the Nutrition Hub Role Model page is Mariette Abrahams. I met Mariette shortly after I moved to the UK and she really helped me believe that I could make an impact in the UK even though I didn’t train as a dietitian here.

What is your tip for other nutrition experts regarding their careers?

Get out there and try new roles and take on quirky projects. Say yes to opportunities and have faith that even if you don’t know exactly what the solution is at the time that you are capable enough to figure it out.

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