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What developments are shaping the future of nutrition? For our fourth annual report, we conducted a survey among 170 German food and nutrition experts. Of the experts surveyed, 48 percent observe a rapid increase in products and solutions for climate-friendly and sustainable nutrition. Over one third of the experts expect plant-based diets to become the 'NEW NORMAL'. Our report explores 10 key trends in nutrition. This year's key trends include gut health, mindful nutrition as well as sober drinking. 

To Nutrition Trends Report 2023.


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The COVID-19 pandemic; the climate emergency; endless conflicts: it can seem like society just swings from one crisis to another in this increasingly polarized, ever-so-precious planet of ours. Thankfully good nutrition news is never far away and while not immune to these shifts, our Nutrition Trends Report 2022 highlights the 10 TOP developments for a better planet and a healthier you. Plant-based, personalized, planet-first - the nutritional future is bright! 



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We are in the midst of the most exciting food revolution in human history. Unparalleled growth and development in plant-based and alternative proteins are driving this change. But what are these alternative proteins? How are they driving the change? What are the opportunities? Who are the players that lead this trend?





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This decade will be the most transformative ever seen in human nutrition: Health, individualization, and sustainability are the leading megatrends changing our behavior and lives. How do these developments affect what and how we eat? What trends are nutrition experts observing?



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