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Ben Warren - Entrepreneur and clinic owner

young man standing in the kitchen, Ben Warren

Emilie: Ben, you run your own company which supplies nutritional supplements. You give talks all over New Zealand, run a clinic where you and your team give patients nutritional advice. How did this happen?

Ben: I never intended to own a nutritional supplement company or have multiple clinics and 25 staff, I've just always wanted to help more people, I just feel that everyone needs to know this information and so the products, clinics and staff have all grown out of this...

You are embodying a certain diet that you are and your family are following. Can you explain your concept in one sentence? 

Eat whole nutrient dense foods, as fresh as possible, that make you feel full the longest.

What did you study exactly and at which university did you study? Is there a topic in which you are specialized in?

My undergraduate degree is in Experimental Psychology, I then studied human performance extensively through the CHEK institute, then a Master's of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University in California.  I'm currently doing a PhD involving genetics, nutrition and mental health through University of Canterbury, NZ.

Did you like the studies and would you study the same again?

I loved every minute of my studies and continue to love learning, hence the PhD.  I'd definitely study the same again...

How can we imagine a typical day of yours? 

My days are extremely varied... From seeing very sick clients in the clinic, to working with National sports teams, to researching new tests and products.  Other days I travel, for example in the last 3 days I've been on 6 planes, and have spoken to over 500 people.  Then, of course, there's the business side and board meetings and meetings with Staff and so it's incredibly varied and challenging... Which I thrive on.

What would you recommend Nutrition Scientists or Students of Nutrition Science to do to have a successful career?

Follow their passion... Whatever that is:)

Thank you Ben for the interesting insights in your work!


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